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Talent Marketplace

A Marketplace of Talent Communities.

Talent Marketplaces to source local & remote experienced workers.

Talent On-Demand

Find Talent On-Demand.

Employers use talent pool smart filters to find and hire talent in real-time.

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Talent Communities

Talent Community partners connect talent to jobs.

Candidates ranked in talent pools based on their job role skills and experience.

Candidates are ranked by profiles & job matching scores.

Talent Marketplace partners earn recruitment revenue.

Partners connect candidate communities to employers within the platform.

Connecting talent to jobs

Employers can connect to a Talent Community for free to find talent and only pay when successfully hiring a candidate.

Talent On Demand

Employers instantly search and hire talent directly from the talent pools. Candidates are automatically matched against your job.

Candidate Order

Employers post an order to multiple recruiters to request shortlisted talent for a job role.

Talent Marketplaces

Employers register to the Talent Communities of their choice to source talent.

Building an experienced and skilled workforce.

The future of building the talent mobility of your current workforce.

Job Role Profiling

Configure skilling, compliance, and work experience requirements for your job roles, or leverage our industry standards

Rapid Customised Candidate Workflows

Configure workflows to collect data from candidates – which includes experience, skills assessments, compliance uploads, background checks, and inductions.

Upskilling & Continuous Development

Use job role skills and compliance analysis to build talent pipelines by upskilling people into the right job roles.

Job Profiling Management

Workforce Wallet to replace the CV with verified data.

A free app for candidates to help them find the best job or career pathway.

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Recruitment ROI with Hired1st
  • 60% savings in time to screen candidates
  • 50% savings in recruitment fees
  • Increased utilisation of existing staff
  • Significant savings with improved retention
  • Discover internal talent with succession plans
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ROI on Pre-Screening and Onboarding
  • 70% saving on onboarding workflows
  • Savings on pre-screen to find the right person
  • 30% savings on reduced time to hire
  • 50% increase in time to productivity
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ROI on Compliance and Upskilling
  • Deliver 100% compliance workforce
  • Hire staff with the right culture to reduce turnover
  • 20% increase in knowledge and skill development
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The future of finding talent.

Job Profiling
Skills Analysis
Compliance Analysis
Work Ready
Hire Talent

Candidate Workforce Wallets to store all data.

Candidate Skill Passports

Candidate Workforce Wallets store job skill and compliance data with dynamic work readiness shields.

Employee Workforce Wallets

Personalised job role profiles with the development of skills and compliance while driving talent mobility.

Building the world's largest IT Talent Marketplace enabling IT workers to find jobs with any company in the world


Technology all companies can hire workers from our platform


The Hired1st sourcing portal attracts talent


Hire employees worldwide with the #1 Employer of Record

Let us hire employees on your behalf to quickly onboard employees in 100+ countries without the cost and extra admin.

Working with Universities and Training Organisations to attract IT talent into the sector.

Working with over 15,000 technology companies to help them find talent.

Working with over 500 recruitment companies to help technology companies source talent.

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Singapore Tech Employers

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Talent On-Demand

Standard Chartered Bank unlocked potential to build a future-proof workforce


in savings through internal projects


in savings through internal projects

With the talent marketplace, it’s so much more than consuming learning content: it’s about applying that learning on the job in a way that makes a difference in our organization and makes a difference to our clients

Watson Stewart

Head of Talent Solutions, Standard Chartered Bank

Some of our Talent On-Demand Partners:

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